The GoToCleanAir website provides best-practice guidance designed to help small and medium businesses reduce their climate-change impact.

The site, developed in conjunction with the Pure, The Clean Planet Trust, includes carbon calculators for assessing the carbon footprint of both your business and your daily commute. It also offers advice on how to go green and reduce corporate travel.

The site provides green business news aimed at business readers and includes access to a range of downloadable case studies.

GoToCleanAir was created by Citrix Online, a provider of software and services for communicating over the internet. Its best-known offerings are GoToMyPC, which allows customers to access the contents of their own PC from any web browser, and GoToMeeting, which provides online meeting tools.

We found the GoToCleanAir site useful from the point of view of firms tackling green issues for the first time. Some features would benefit from providing a little more detail. For example, the carbon calculator for commuting uses a blanket average for all journeys, rather than collecting specific data about the vehicle used and the duration or speed of the actual round-trip.
By contrast the calculator for assessing a business's carbon footprint is more detailed and, consequently, more useful.

A downloadable tip sheet listing 50 ways to go green is available, providing a very useful checklist for firms of all sizes aiming to improve their energy efficiency.

From Businessgreen